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Biography for the 2020 show at Sarah Walker Gallery of four Irish female painters: Sarah walker, Rachel Ballagh, Taffina Flood and Cath Bacon.

Cathy Bacon, originally a Dubliner, settled in Beara in 2002.  

In 2016 she graduated from Crawford College of Art where she went on to do a Master’s in Art and Process, which she completed in November 2019.

Cathy has shown regularly in the Sarah Walker Gallery. She has received several commissions, including a commission from the Marine Institute on the impact of global warming on coastal communities, and her work has been shown in a number of group exhibitions.  

These recent paintings depict universal intimate moments that become the disputed memories of family life.

Carravagio’s Mother bakes a Birthday Cheesecakeis a humorous glimpse of familial celebration;

Worship, a tender rendering of a shared history from a 70s holiday snap.

Both works were painted during the days of her Father’s passing in November 2019, underlining the fragile courage of continuing life in face of its finality.

In the large scale Learning to Swim by Drowning, Bacon portrays the difficulties of balancing emotions while facing extreme loss and grief.